Buddhist Foundation Oberberg

Preserving and supporting Buddhist traditions and tibetan culture all over the world

With deepest thankfulness and devotion to our precious late Drubwang Tsori Dechen Rinpoche and his son, Terton Rinpoche.

About us

The Buddhist Foundation Oberberg is an independent German non-profit organisation. Its purpose is to preserve, maintain and practice Buddhist religion, philosophy and culture in the tradition of the Vajrayana transmissions of Tibetan Buddhism. This purpose is achieved through our projects in Europe and Asia. Our main topics are healthcare, education, Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist centers as well as Tibetan communities worldwide.


Our health care projects in the Kingdom of Bhutan are mainly operated by our partners of Bhutan Monk Project in cooperation with the MoH and the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan. Doctor teams reach out to far flung monasteries to support monks and nuns as well as people from surrounding villages  with regular medical check- ups and health care. Since 2015 more than 3.500 monks, nuns and lay people have been checked, diagnosed and treated and we are waiting for boarders to reopen to continue our partnership with the Bhutanese Authorities. In our own project we currently send monks to Nepal to consult specialized Doctors. Right now few monks are checked and treated by the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, Kathmandu.


Tibetan Buddhism

Buddha’s timeless wisdom and the different paths that he showed for all beings to discover their own enlightened nature are even more important and beneficial in our present era. Our foundation supports authentic Dharma teachers, qualified translators as well as dedicated pracitioners to bring the precious wisdom and knowledge into the world. We support meditation courses and retreats and the construction or reconstruction of temples, monasteries, stupas and shedras. 

In Europe we cooperate with our Sangha friends of the Terton foundation in Prag to build a new Buddhist Center with a great stupa project attached.


Projects in Bhutan

In close cooperation with the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan, we are honored to take part in the building of an old age home for senior monks in the south of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Our representative in Bhutan, Ugyen la, helps us on the ground to make the precious cooperation work.



Education is a vast field. Our foundation supports education of Tibetan children inside and outside the monasteries as well as the education and qualification of Buddhist practitioners. Tibetan studies at Universities all over the world help qualify authentic translators and contribute to preserve and develop the unique Tibetan Buddhist Culture. In Bhutan we cooperate with the Buddhist Shedra Sangchoekhor in Paro. To help them do their jobs as teachers in the modern world, one of our projects supplies them with modern computers. In Germany we started a long term cooperation with the Tibetan and Mongolian Department of the University in Bonn. Science projects are funded as well as students studying Tibetology are supported during their studies or their PHD.


Tibetan Buddhist Centres

Be it in the Tibetan refugee camps in India, be it in the Kingdom Bhutan or Nepal, or be it in the Western world, Tibetan Buddhist Centers and Monasteries are the places, where Buddhist monks, nuns and lay practitioners meet the Buddha Dharma and have the opportunity to study and practice.

In Bhutan we support several monasteries with food and daily items needed. In the Tsori Dechen Monastery in Mainpāt, India, we support the building of a Shedra, the restauration of monks’ rooms and the finishing of the main Goenpa.


Tibetan Communities Worldwide

Tibetans live all over the world, more often than not under challenging circumstances. Our foundation helps them to improve their living standards and to preserve and develop their own Tibetan culture. We are open to new projects and cooperations, please feel free to contact us and tell us about your life and projects.